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Join today and unlock my entire system to get as many Dream Clients as you want.

(The step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to consistently sign clients)

Dreaming about having a Profitable online business & Making 10k every month but not sure how to get there?

4 Reasons that are Stopping you from
scaling your Biz


You're struggling to find the right client who is happy to pay for your expertise.


Prospect objections are louder than a Shakira song. I believe "too pricey!" comes out too often.


You're not putting yourself enough out there. One word: marketing. You need more of that!


​You're trying to do everything - from building out your offer, finding clients, marketing, etc.

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The 90 days coaching one-to-one program is designed to help you add $10k+/month to your online business without overwhelming and confusion, using the 2 hours a day organic marketing method.

First, we are going to help you build irresistible high-ticket offer and finally get you some visibility to get in front of your ideal clients. 

Core topics:

★ How to create a high-ticket offer that is so irresistible, your ideal clients cannot say no to (and how to price it so that it's a no-brainer for them to sign-up)

★ How to find ideal clients to pay you big bucks

★ My secret for selling your offers (even if you haven't started building it!

Thirdly, we'll work on building an effective system to attract new leads DAILY in your business!

Core topics:

★ The step by step prospecting and lead generation system that allows me to get 5-10 new qualified leads a day

★ How to build a highly engaged audience in less than 20 min a day!

★ My proprietary system for getting someone from being completely cold to a spicy hot lead (this one is unique in the industry)

Secondly, we're going to show you how to get massively visible and to stand out!


Core topics:

★ My simple formula for mastering any social media algorithm

★ How to magnetically attract your ideal clients through organic marketing

★ The key to getting leads to raise their hands and show their interest without chasing them (this one will be a game-changer for you!)

Finally, we're going to show you how to get your dream clients excited to pay you 4 or 5 figures!

Core topics:

★ The simple yet effective sales machine that will bring leads to you

★ Master the art of high ticket sales and closing sales in an authentic and genuine way, without pressure or icky sales tactics

★ The exact sales script that got me to $25K+ per month and made my clients sign $$$

Here's everything you are getting when you sign up:

  • One to One Training, Templates, Scripts, and all the Resources you Need to Succeed.

  • Weekly Accountability Checks.

  • Daily Support from Myself and my team.

  • Hiring and Training your VA to grow your Audience (a Facebook group)

  • Hiring and Training your social seller to book sales calls and close in the DMs

Who are the Get Dream Clients Now
Program for?

The Get Dream Clients Now program works if you work it — there’s no magic button. You will have to roll up your sleeves and IMPLEMENT what I teach. But the good news is, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to see real results (a.k.a CLIENTS) from the work you do. 

You will see the best results if you're a coach or service provider (We have had product-based businesses join us and see great results but you will have to adapt some of the material to make it work for you.)

Other Business Coaching Programs

Cookie-cutter course 

No results

You’re stuck to figure it out alone

No support

No live q&a with 7-figure earners

The Get Dream Clients

Custom gameplan

Consistent, proven results

We show you exactly what to do.

Daily, personal support

Regular live with Poornima 

The Get Dream Clients Program vs. Other Coaching Programs

Here's my Guarantee.


If you join Program, implement what I teach, and still don't reach $10k/month within 3 months, I will coach you for free every week for an additional 3 months and refund the whole amount too.