How To Prepare For The Breakthrough Session...

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Your Strategy Session Is Scheduled! You MUST Watch This ENTIRE Video Or You Will NOT be able to attend the call In this video we'll cover:

  • The Price of Our Coaching Program

  • What To Expect On The Strategy Session

  • Detailed Case Study

  • The Time Commitment In Order To Succeed

  • ​How Fast Our Average Student Becomes Profitable

  • Why Our Program Is Different From All Others

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How Fiona Took his Coaching Business From Just A Hobby To Full-Time Coaching Business & Scaled It To $10k/mn

How did we help Carleigh to increase her show-up rate to 77% through organic marketing & have a $15k launch in her Coaching Business

How Anshika Came back in her coaching business Went From Charging $100 per Hour To Becoming A High Ticket Coach.

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